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bitsCrunch NFT Wash Trade Report for 2022

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The BitsCrunch NFT Wash Trade Report 2022 offers an eye-opening examination of the NFT market, shedding light on the prevalence and impact of wash trading activities. By leveraging advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms, this comprehensive report uncovers the hidden patterns and trends behind wash trading in the NFT space. Gain invaluable insights into the extent of manipulation, affected platforms, and high-risk NFT collections. Armed with this knowledge, stakeholders and investors can make informed decisions, while regulators and platforms can take necessary measures to ensure a transparent and fair NFT market for all participants. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the challenges and potential solutions to tackle NFT wash trading in 2022 and beyond.

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By Cointelegraph Research

of NFT collections launched earned more than $10k


of all trades on LooksRare were related to wash trading


of wash traders used 'outlier transaction' technique

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