CBDC Database

November 2022 - Cointelegraph Research

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CBDC Database

1. What is this database?

Explore the existing central bank digital currency projects worldwide with the Cointelegraph CBDC database. Using this dataset, you can monitor the development of government initiatives related to the implementation of central bank digital currencies tracing back to 1993. It provides information about the current status of projects, launch dates, used technology, links to official documentation and announcements, relevant news, and press releases. Whether you're interested in the future of CBDC in your country or looking for future investment possibilities, this database can be helpful in your research. Information about new projects, updates on current ones and all related news are provided on a monthly basis.

2. How to use this database?

With the available functionality and customizable filters, you have lots of ways of organising your workflow with the CBDC database:

1. Interested only in individual projects in certain countries? Sort the required regions using the Jurisdiction / Central Bank columns.

2. With the help of the Use Case column, you can quickly see the scope of use of a particular CBDC. “Retail” CBDCs are used for payments between businesses/individuals, while "Wholesale” CBDCs may help ensure payments and settlement transactions among financial institutions. Some CBDCs include both approaches.

3. Get information on the current project’s status, whether it’s still in research, in a pilot state or already launched, using the data in the Status column.

4. Inspect the Technology and Provider columns to find out more about technological foundations and their providers for corresponding CBDC projects.

5. Don’t forget to check out the News & Updates column since most discussed projects receive updates frequently.

These are just a few examples of possible uses for the CBDC database. Feel free to contact us at research@cointelegraph.com for data suggestions and other additions. It may also be helpful to read the glossary on the first tab of the table to become more familiar with the categories and used terms.

3. Key Insights

1. Technology Providers for existing CBDC projects by number of projects involved.


2.  Active CBDC projects by status, 2023.