Terra Luna: Can Digital Assets Boost the E-Commerce Market?

April 2022 - Cointelegraph Research

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Terra, Luna, DeFi, 'Ethereum killer', Anchor

At the beginning of 2021, Terra Luna was a poorly known blockchain with only $300 million in market capitalization. Since then, Do Kwon and Daniel Shin, co-founders of Terra, have managed to increase this number to $39 billion (as of April 4, 2022). Some of the reasons behind this are the growing adoption of Terra’s dApps, algorithmically-collateralized stablecoins and interoperability with major market players.

Cointelegraph Research proudly presents the Terra Luna Report 2022: Can Digital Assets Boost the E-Commerce Market?. To gain a deeper understanding of how these algorithmic stablecoins are changing the way we conduct payments in real-world and crypto, this 40-page research report highlights the history and development of the Terra ecosystem, the technological basis of the blockchain, as well as its pros and cons, compared to major ‘Ethereum killers’. We also evaluate regulatory and centralization hurdles that Terra Luna may face in the near future and discuss prominent DeFi market players on Terra.

In this report, we piece together the big picture of the Terra ecosystem
and answer common questions held by asset holders and developers. In addition, the report carefully assesses the attractiveness of the blockchain from the community engagement and technical analysis viewpoints. Moreover, insights from such Terra developers as Levana, Talis, Knowhere, Kado, TFM and Luart provide the reader with a different perspective on the blockchain.

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