Regulation Report H1 2022

May 2022 - Cointelegraph Researсh

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Regulation, Law Enforcement Agencies, SEC

Regulatory attitudes toward crypto assets are beginning to emerge and shape our industry. Technologies that started in a digital wild west are now becoming more intertwined with existing legal and financial institutions. Gaining clarity about these developments is crucial to act prudently in a rapidly changing space. Here at Cointelegraph Research, we cut through the daily press and social media noise to present you with expert analyses complemented with data and infographics.

In this spirit, we proudly present our first H1 regulation report for 2022.
This report overviews the emerging global regulatory landscape in the crypto industry, focusing on the new developments in the first half of 2022. Recent changes and announcements have been made relating to Central Bank Digital Currencies, Security Token Offerings, and Know Your Customer regulations. We include a targeted review of regulatory developments for non-fungible tokens and stablecoins, both of which saw massive booms in 2021 and continue to establish themselves as backbones of the entire crypto ecosystem.