Investor Insights Report - Blockchain Industry Suffers More Sideways Momentum As Bearish Signals Emerge

September 2022 - Cointelegraph Research

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The Cointelegraph Research Investor Insights Report is a premium report published monthly that highlights the most recent and significant blockchain industry insights. Find exclusive insights about Bitcoin, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Venture Capital, Security Tokens, Mining, Crypto Stocks, Regulations, and Derivatives from our subject matter experts.

Report Highlights

Bitcoin’s price closed out August at $20,220, a 13.4% decline from the $23,325 July close. The $20,000 price level is a level of consumer interest in the price of Bitcoin and is below its 200-week moving average.

DeFi exploits persist, putting the value of hacks above $1.6 billion since the beginning of 2022.

The Merge of the Ethereum mainnet with the Beacon Chain is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 15. Details of a proof-of-work fork of Ethereum have started to be released.

The European Union’s MiCA is improving by removing the stablecoin regulation due to public pressure, but the final law remains to be seen.

Ether’s put/call ratio (0.25) is still more bullish than Bitcoin’s (0.6), indicating that traders suspect outsized returns on Ether over the next few months.

There were 101 individual venture capital deals in August with an average capital investment of $14.3 million per deal. This is a drop of 10.1% from the average capital investment in July.

Game NFTs fell to $270 million in August but still make up nearly a third of total sales.

The security token market capitalization and volume remained stable, but the average volume of tokenized stocks faced a 33.1% decrease in August.