Investor Insights Report - Potential Bearish Turbulence Ahead Despite Infrastructure Growth

November 2022 - Cointelegraph Research

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The Cointelegraph Research Investor Insights Report is a premium report published monthly that highlights the most recent and significant blockchain industry insights. Find exclusive insights about Bitcoin, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Venture Capital, Security Tokens, Mining, Crypto Stocks, Regulations, and Derivatives from our subject matter experts.

Report Highlights:

  • Bitcoin closed out October at $20,495, a 5.5% increase from its October opening price of $19,431.

  • November is crowded with potentially market-moving events, and traders should prepare for volatility.

  • The DeFi market presents growth signs after the recession caused by the crash of Terra’s LUNA and macroeconomic conditions, as well as detrimental political events in Europe.

  • Core Scientific is considering bankruptcy after getting into financial difficulties, while Argo Blockchain is at risk of ceasing operations.

  • Stablecoins USDC and USDP have received licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Both companies can offer services to local businesses and facilitate domestic and international payments.

  • The number of individual VC deals in October declined from the previous month to 69, whose combined total also fell to $844 million.

  • The U.S. Internal Revenue Service switches from “Virtual Currencies” to “Digital Assets” in its tax filing instructions for 2022. According to the IRS, digital assets include NFTs and cryptocurrencies along with stablecoins.

  • The security token market capitalization and volume decreased by 24.8% and 13.7%, respectively, but the tokenized stocks average volume faced an upturn this month by 10.5%.