Real Estate Intelligence Report 2022

June 2022 - Security Token Markets

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Amid the current market frenzy, the tokenized real estate industry is growing rapidly. With investors looking for a more secure investment that utilizes emerging technology, the demand for blockchain-based investment opportunities backed by real-world assets is increasing. Real estate assets account for upwards of 40% of the pipeline for certain technology providers in the industry, likely making it the largest and most “urgent” sector when it comes to future security token offerings.

Blockchain is changing the real estate industry, with more than $20 billion of real estate assets securely tokenized on the blockchain. This report allows investors, real estate agencies, issuers and traders to learn how to leverage the blockchain and profit from the real estate security tokens.

A comprehensive analysis of the Real Estate Security Token Market is presented by Peter Gaffney, the Head of Research at Security Token Market, a full-suite consulting firm that facilitates the tokenization of assets on behalf of clients,  Aneesh Shinkre, who previously worked at UBS Investment Bank’s Credit Research Team and Assurant’s Data Science division, and Thor Wahlestedt, who previously worked at the Riken Center for Life Science Technologies and Huaqiao University studying bioinformatics and machine learning