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July 2022 - Cointelegraph Research

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1. What is this database?

Cointelegraph VC database represents the data on thousands of fundraising rounds from 2012 till present, having separate tabs for M&A deals and funds creation. With this database, it is easy to observe the current state of the VC market as well as to track the constantly changing trends of it. While you are a professional investor, data or market analyst or just an individual willing to see the state and changes of the fundraising landscape, this database can help you to stay well informed and up-to-date. The dataset contains substantial information about the deals including the amounts, investors, categories and subcategories, type of the round, financing type, countries and much more. To keep our clients regularly updated, we add new deals on the weekly basis. Make sure to be aware of what is happening on the investment side of crypto by using Cointelegraph Research VC database.

2. How to use this database?

The database offers many filtering options which may be of use for a data seeker:

  1. Category search - if you are interested in what sector is the most attractive for the investors right now or interested in how the landscape changed, you can do so by using a category column.

  2. If you wish to learn the geographical allocation of the fundraising, you may filter the table by country column as well. 

  3. The date filtering is automatically applied though you may use additional filtering to choose the time frame that you are mostly interested in.

  4. Also, you may be willing to know what investors are amongst the most active and the investors column can help you with that as well.

  5. If you are eager to learn more about the projects, our base has a column with links to projects’ websites and a short summary description column in place.

There are even more ways of how the base can be utilized, including types of rounds, founders and financing types. You can play around with the base yourself to make the best use of it. We are always open for data suggestions and additions to our bases, so do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any. We also recommend reading the glossary in the first tab to enhance your user experience.

3. Key Insights

  1. Total Deals Value and Average Deal Value in 2022 per Quarters.

  1.  Deals Number and Amounts Per Sector in 2022.