Venture Capital Report: 2022 Year In Review

January 2023 - Cointelegraph Research

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This quarterly VC report pulls from our extensive database and highlights some of the most important points of interest from the previous quarter.

Report Highlights:

The total number of individual deals by VCs in Q4 reached 182, a decrease of 46.2% from the previous quarter.

Total capital inflows also decreased to $2.3 billion, an almost 53.8% decrease from Q3.

While Q4 only saw $2.3 billion, the entire year of 2022 still brought in $6.1 billion more VC investment than the previous year. 2021 saw $30.5 billion compared to 2022 at $36.6 billion.

Web3 had the most deal activity with 68 individual deals and the second largest capital inflows in Q4 of $632 million. CeFi, which had the least amount of deal activity with 15 deals, saw the most investment with $27.4 million.

Series B funding rounds had the most interest from VCs, with $559.3 million in Q4, spread out over seven individual deals.

The top 10 most active investors was led by Coinbase Ventures for the second quarter in a row. Seven of the 10 most active investors picked Web3 to close the most deals in Q4. The second most popular was Infrastructure. Attention seemed to wain on both NFTs and CeFi in terms of the number of deals.

Only five deals in Q4 were over the $100 million mark. The top two were Series C rounds and totaled $500 million. This further demonstrates the slowdown in VC investment in this space in this crypto winter.

When analyzing the data, while Web3 has the most active deals and CeFi was the least active, both brought in $9.2 billion in capital funding in the entirety of 2022. CeFi has a larger per deal average of $46.6 million, while Web3 has a per deal average of $15.4 million.