Venture Capital Report: Q2 2022

July 2022 - Cointelegraph Research

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At the end of the first half of 2022, Bitcoin's (BTC) price continues to fluctuate around the $20,000 mark, and the number of bankrupt CeFi and DeFi companies increases, it may seem that the VC activity should follow the same trend. Yet, the data shows otherwise.

Although average deal size decreased over the last few months, as the venture capitalists were becoming more cautious, the largest players seemed to use the bear market as an opportunity to acquire as much as possible. To assess the market conditions, one has to conduct a deeper analysis and dive deep into the metrics, not just look at the BTC price. Using a tailored in-house 'VC Database' and complex data analysis, Cointelegraph Research and Keychain Ventures dive deeply into the Q2 2022 funding activity and identify trends persisting in the industry.

In many ways, capital inflow to the market is a crucial metric determining long-term industry development. Is there a future for CeFi in light of the wave of bankruptcies? Do the institutional investors believe in Web3? Will GameFi and NFT markets survive the market downfall following the hype in 2021? This report answers multiple questions, important to crypto adepts right now. We hope you enjoy reading this quarterly report and find it helpful, as the market continues to see the sea of red.