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Investor Insights - March 2023

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The March installment of the Cointelegraph Research Investor Insights Report is your definitive monthly guide to navigating the rapidly shifting crypto landscape. Amidst bearish sentiment in Bitcoin, key regulatory actions against Kraken and Paxos, and legislative moves like the "CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act," the report provides a 360-degree view of market dynamics. With a spotlight on major developments such as Iris Energy and CleanSpark's large-scale acquisition of miners, the burgeoning decentralized derivatives market, and February's 90% surge in venture capital investment, we offer actionable insights for both novice and experienced investors. The report also highlights significant growth areas, like the NFT market's trade volume boost to $2B and an 11.27% uptick in security token market capitalization. Stay ahead with essential metrics and expert analysis on Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, and more.

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By Cointelegraph Research

open interest, an ATH, is reached by GMX


dip in BTC price was exhibited as Silvergate announced it is 'less than well-capitalized'


net loss before taxes claimed by Hive Blockchain

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