Top 20 Blockchain Games

March 2023 - Cointelegraph Research

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One of the most interesting sectors in the blockchain industry is what is referred to as GameFi, or a concatenation of gaming and finance that broadly stands for blockchain games with a financial element, yet distinct from non-gambling activity. These games require skill and determination, with a minor component of luck. Players earn currencies and materials by completing tasks or grooming their characters. Over the past few years, the industry has seen more significant investment from venture capital to back up-and-coming projects. Despite the fact that the macroeconomic downturn of 2022, which brought with it bear market sentiments and reduced participation in blockchain games, GameFi shows promise as it continues to advance. From graphics that are evolving to compete with big-name console types like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, to allow users to make income through interacting with their favorite game, blockchain gaming is making an impact.

This report covers a brief overview of the history and infrastructure of GameFi, including what separates Web2 from Web3 gaming. By presenting insights from industry insiders and a look at who the individuals and funds behind funding GameFi are, this report can help investors and players alike understand the potential trends that are coming in the future. Not only does this report go over the Top 20 Blockchain Games out there on the market, but also the Top 10 most anticipated games to keep an eye on as well.